March 28, 2007

New Blog

Life has never been so good. I am done with my education, atleast thats what it seems to me. I now hold a Master's Degree (in Business Administration) and a Bachelor's Degree (Engineering). And I would be joining a job 2 months from today.

I would be spending the next two months in my home, away from the computer and internet. Thats the tragedy of my life - I have never had my computer during my most idle moments. I didn't have one during my summer internship. I usually end of spending my full vacations doing nothing productive. What a waste of time!

Here, in this new blog, I shall be writing about my experiences, my days and nights, my journeys, and my musings. I shall be having a wonderful life beginning very soon, with my work taking me to foreign locations very frequently. Hoping to have a great time ahead in the coming months.