September 26, 2010

Coffee Houses and Blog Rolls

I have been overly worried by small things lately, and try to make my life perfect. I try to arrange everything, finish every unfinished job, and erase all items on my 'to-do' list. I just realized how futile this exercise is, and no way I'm ever gonna finish all the pending work. So, instead of worrying about them, I should rather start enjoying life too. 

Lately, I had started passing time, and waiting for some in future from where to start living. I guess I need to start living immediately - my life isn't so much of a mess. Its decently well organized, and planned. Ok, a few things here and there do happen, but what the heck. I still have almost 90% control over what I do. 

The other day I read about the starbucks and their coffee. I like the place, and the ambiance, though am still to find my favorite coffee there. I am a tea person, but don't expect to find "Cutting Chai" in Hong Kong during office breaks. So, will need to find my favorite coffee soon. I sure know what I won't like - Espresso and Caffe Americano. I still am not able to understand how do people drink Espresso - its so concentrated and bitter. To me, it seems more like grabbing a medicine. And it gets over so quickly - I mean, not at all perfect if you wanted a small break from office. 

Caffe Americano is similar to espresso, along with hot water. Though still better than the Espresso, this still doesn't qualify as coffee for me - my idea of coffee/tea is one with the Milk. My mom always tells me to drink milk regularly, and this is the only way I can follow her advice :)

Secondly, I need to re-organize my blog rolls. I have too many inactive/uninteresting bloggers on my list. And I do not visit most of these. I need to discover new and interesting people and their blog. People who live a very different life than I do, and live at a different place. I remember my old engineering days when I had a long list of blog friends (that was the time when blogs had just come in). Most of those guys have either stopped blogging, or have shifted their blogs. 

September 11, 2010

Annapurna: Nepalese Food in Hong Kong

At the outset, let me clarify that we didn't go to the place with the intension of having the Nepalese food. My friend K saw this place on the way to their home, and going by the name, thought it to be a 'desi' one. 

So we entered the place with the intension of having some Indian food, and soon realized it wasn't to be. After thinking for some time (on whether to stay there, or look for some other place), we decided to give it a try. We order a couple of starters, and another couple of items from the main menu. The place has a decent ambiance, though its a little cramped for space. Most of the dishes we had had a very simple taste - similar to home cooked food. Unlike most of the places here, specially the Indian restaurants, the food was very mildly spicy and quite light. Almost everything we ordered was was light on the stomach - even their Rotis were Phulkas, as against the typical Tandoori Rotis. 

I don't think we are going back to the place again - its slightly on the expensive side, and the food is very similar to one that the Maids can cook at home. Or the one served in daily lunch tiffins. The only good point about the place is the location. The taste won't strike a chord with the usual expat population as well - who prefer the curries for their spicy nature. 

Restaurant: Annapurna
LocationG/F, 59 Staunton St, Soho, 2857 2966
Meals for Two: HKD 400-500

House Hunting

House Hunting is a tedious exercise - irrespective of which part of the world you are in. There are too many things to worry about the place you want to move into - the location, locality, size, ambiance, connectivity, and a lot more thing. One careless mistake, and you are stuck with a mistake for the next 12 months. 

I started with my house-hunting today in Hong Kong, and saw quite a few places. Yet to finalize on the final location though. I'm a little confused between the location I should go for - whether to go for a far off quiet location, or to take one close to the central location. The far off localities here offer new homes and peaceful surroundings, whereas the nearby areas have slightly smaller homes and a little noise. Will think over it for a couple of days, and make a decision. 

September 4, 2010

Once Again in Hong Kong

I have finally landed in Hong Kong, having vacated the house in Mumbai. This has been a complete circle for me, and I have landed back in the place where I started my work life. 

Over the years, I have changed a little. Initially I was quite opposed to the idea of settling abroad, and always preferred India over other places. However, with time, have come to realize that its a nightmare to live in Mumbai. Its one of most inefficient places in the world, and there is very little hope of things improving any time soon. 

I have come back here with plenty of hope, and desire to do things. Ever since I made the job switch, my work hasn't required me to stretch myself. However, that was in the past. Having joined my team here, things should start moving fast. 

For the moment, its still my first week in Hong Kong, and am still in the process of settling down. I do not yet have a proper phone here (having returned my blackberry in office, and my personal phone not working). Should get something done by next week - either get an iPhone for personal use, or apply one from the office.