October 31, 2009

Is Change Good?

Q: Why do we like change?

A: You get to select the new ‘You’, and leave the old guy behind.

October 25, 2009

Job 2.0

I have recently switched my job, and have started going to my new office. This was after working for close to two and a half years at my first job.

Not too many things have changed, and I would essentially be doing the same things. However, this time I would also be working towards getting the business started from scratch, and hence there are additional challenges in the role. In the earlier role, everything was in place before I had joined, and hence the operational bit was quite smooth. Lets see how this pans out – would know a great deal more by the end of 2009.

Change is always good, and one should always take on fresh challenges. I realized I was getting too comfortable in my job, and didn’t really think too much about ways to generate more and more money. I think that was the prime factor which made me think about the switch – I need to be on the edge to think of ways to increase the P&L. If that is not happening, then there is something wrong. There are so many opportunities in the market place, with so many changes taking place. And the market remains inefficient, so there is plenty of money to be made.

It also gives me an opportunity to know a lot more people than I would have otherwise known. There are a lot of college seniors working at the new place, and over the course of next few weeks, I should get to know them better.

October 7, 2009

The Theory of Relativity

Everything in the world seems to be relative. When I was a small kid, the dreams were also very small. Ok, not so small, but decently small. As I grew up, everything kept changing in relation with the environment. And as things stand today, the aspirations have also become bigger.

In my school days, I used to dream of going to Europe. Not that I knew too much about the place, but somehow it was always my dream destination. I wanted to travel Europe on road. I still haven’t achieved this, but this no longer remains my dream. The dreams are now very different, and much bolder. I want to travel all around the world, and want to see the important events across the globe.

Happiness is also proving to be a relative commodity. I had initially thought that I would be very happy as I had travelled to a couple of countries in Asia. However, whenever I look at my friends travelling to more exotic locations, suddenly my happiness vanishes. And I’m left with an empty feeling of being left behind. In an absolute sense, I should be happy, and one trip per year seems reasonable. However, on the relative scale, I am very far behind my friends. Most of them have travelled more than two continents, and I still haven’t been able to add to the tally I was born with.

I wish we didn’t have such feelings, and we would be able to enjoy the life in absolute terms. It would be much more enjoyable that way.