October 7, 2009

The Theory of Relativity

Everything in the world seems to be relative. When I was a small kid, the dreams were also very small. Ok, not so small, but decently small. As I grew up, everything kept changing in relation with the environment. And as things stand today, the aspirations have also become bigger.

In my school days, I used to dream of going to Europe. Not that I knew too much about the place, but somehow it was always my dream destination. I wanted to travel Europe on road. I still haven’t achieved this, but this no longer remains my dream. The dreams are now very different, and much bolder. I want to travel all around the world, and want to see the important events across the globe.

Happiness is also proving to be a relative commodity. I had initially thought that I would be very happy as I had travelled to a couple of countries in Asia. However, whenever I look at my friends travelling to more exotic locations, suddenly my happiness vanishes. And I’m left with an empty feeling of being left behind. In an absolute sense, I should be happy, and one trip per year seems reasonable. However, on the relative scale, I am very far behind my friends. Most of them have travelled more than two continents, and I still haven’t been able to add to the tally I was born with.

I wish we didn’t have such feelings, and we would be able to enjoy the life in absolute terms. It would be much more enjoyable that way.

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