June 22, 2007

What Next?

Why is it that even after 6 years of the best education in the country, we still aren't able to decide a single dimension of our job? Why are we so option-less?

Sometimes you should be humble enough to accept the impossibility of the improbable, and let life take you where it wishes.

1. Before Sunrise

2. Before Sunset

June 17, 2007

Lantau Island

Weekend No. 2 at Hong Kong was much more fun than the first one. We went to Lantau island, one of the biggest islands in HK. Lantau is worlds apart from the HK mainland (referred to as Central). While the mainland is very fast and noisy, with people walking everyone, Lantau is like the countryside. Twice as large as the main island, this place has one sixteenth of the population. So, as a result, it has greenery all around, mountains, virgin beaches and of course the great Buddha.

The Buddha statue here is the biggest Buddha statue in Asia. Sitting 26 metres high and weighing 220 tonnes, it leaves you mesmerized. Add to that the fact that its kelp at one of the highest peaks of the region. Its a must visit tourist destination for anyone coming to HK.

We came back from the island, and went to Tsim Sha Tsui. Had dinner at the woodlands, the south Indian restaurant with an awful service. Though food was nice though, and in the end, thats what mattered to us. We had a bit of everything - Idlis, Masala Dosas, Chole Bhature and Rava Dosa.

Here are few of the pictures of the Lantau island.

1. Lantau Island

2. Bar near the ferry terminal

3. Buddha as viewed from the Po Lin Monastery

4. The Mountains @ Lantau

5. The statue from the back

6. Lovely evening view

7. The monastery from inside

8. The monastery again

9. Door to salvation :)

June 16, 2007

Macau Trip

I landed in Hong Kong almost two weeks ago. Last time It was here, the first two weeks were nightmarish. With almost no clue about the place, I slowly discovered it, bit by bit. A year later, living here doesn't eat much of your mind-space anymore.

I went to Macau on the last weekend, the place better famous as the Las Vegas of Asia. I have no idea what Las Vegas is like, but Macau certainly rocks. I went there alone and it was raining too that day. The two factors together screwed up the tour and I returned without seeing most of the places in the island. However, I did went inside a Casino there to witness the world of gambling. Everything is legalized in Macau, and Casinos are awesome there. I wanted to play a few games but didn't understand any of them (except the dice throwing one, which anyways is the game of probabilities and pure luck).

These are the first pictures of this place on this trip of mine.

June 3, 2007

First Days @ Hong Kong

Finally am back to Hong Kong. Joined the company on 1st June and had a weekend to assemble things up. The first assignment starts tomorrow and should be promising.

There are quite a few things that have changed since my last visit. A lot of new buildings have come up, new shops have replaced older ones, and even the life-line escalator has been renamed to (and aptly so) travellator. More on HK in days to come when I fully explore the place.

This time around I had a 10 hour transit time at the Singapore Airport. I had thought of various ways to kill time before boarding my plane, but once I landed on the airport, time just flew past by. To begin with, there are free internet terminals everywhere, so one can easily spend a lot of time over them. Then there are those big malls which I believe are bigger than those in Gurgaon and Bangalore. I then took a free 2-hour singapore tour where we were taken around the place in a bus (including half an hour ride in a ferry on river named 'Singapore'). Got to know various facts about the city from the tour guide.

After I came back from the tour, had my lunch at Burger King. The guys there actually made a Veg Burger on request. Then I took a 2 hour nap at the oasis lounge where there are free massage machines. And when I was finally awake, it was only 45 mins to baord the plane.

Singapore Airport is the best airport I have seen till now. It actually much better than the HK airport which I have heard is one of the better ones in the world.