September 17, 2009

The Last Days

I wrote this poem more than 4 years back – during my last few days at college. For some reason, I have come back to read this after every two years since then. And even though most of the things don’t hold true anymore, I always seem to connect with this one:

Silence haunts me today
Emotions follow the path of betrayal,
Hope and sorrow, joy and pain
All juxtaposed on one heart

I can feel the winds, blowing through the two doorsIn my room, 
facing each other, opened
Helped in their movement by the fan above
Colliding across my body in the middle

The end is always gloomy
There is no such thing as a happy partition
Conscious and semi-conscious minds on the roads
Endless treats and confessions and proposals

The moment is here, very close
When it all ends, life restarts
When you badly screw up your life,
You only need to format it, destructively

Old bonds broken, no strings carried forward
Ties snapping, emotions unreflected back
Present lived against the past
Past forgotten for the future

Waves in a string, all starting at a point
Some getting high, some keeping low
All enjoying life for a wavelength
And then, culminating into a node

A node, the destiny for all
The brightest and the dullest
All getting into the black hole
Getting lost, and forgotten, forever

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