September 26, 2010

Coffee Houses and Blog Rolls

I have been overly worried by small things lately, and try to make my life perfect. I try to arrange everything, finish every unfinished job, and erase all items on my 'to-do' list. I just realized how futile this exercise is, and no way I'm ever gonna finish all the pending work. So, instead of worrying about them, I should rather start enjoying life too. 

Lately, I had started passing time, and waiting for some in future from where to start living. I guess I need to start living immediately - my life isn't so much of a mess. Its decently well organized, and planned. Ok, a few things here and there do happen, but what the heck. I still have almost 90% control over what I do. 

The other day I read about the starbucks and their coffee. I like the place, and the ambiance, though am still to find my favorite coffee there. I am a tea person, but don't expect to find "Cutting Chai" in Hong Kong during office breaks. So, will need to find my favorite coffee soon. I sure know what I won't like - Espresso and Caffe Americano. I still am not able to understand how do people drink Espresso - its so concentrated and bitter. To me, it seems more like grabbing a medicine. And it gets over so quickly - I mean, not at all perfect if you wanted a small break from office. 

Caffe Americano is similar to espresso, along with hot water. Though still better than the Espresso, this still doesn't qualify as coffee for me - my idea of coffee/tea is one with the Milk. My mom always tells me to drink milk regularly, and this is the only way I can follow her advice :)

Secondly, I need to re-organize my blog rolls. I have too many inactive/uninteresting bloggers on my list. And I do not visit most of these. I need to discover new and interesting people and their blog. People who live a very different life than I do, and live at a different place. I remember my old engineering days when I had a long list of blog friends (that was the time when blogs had just come in). Most of those guys have either stopped blogging, or have shifted their blogs. 

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