September 4, 2010

Once Again in Hong Kong

I have finally landed in Hong Kong, having vacated the house in Mumbai. This has been a complete circle for me, and I have landed back in the place where I started my work life. 

Over the years, I have changed a little. Initially I was quite opposed to the idea of settling abroad, and always preferred India over other places. However, with time, have come to realize that its a nightmare to live in Mumbai. Its one of most inefficient places in the world, and there is very little hope of things improving any time soon. 

I have come back here with plenty of hope, and desire to do things. Ever since I made the job switch, my work hasn't required me to stretch myself. However, that was in the past. Having joined my team here, things should start moving fast. 

For the moment, its still my first week in Hong Kong, and am still in the process of settling down. I do not yet have a proper phone here (having returned my blackberry in office, and my personal phone not working). Should get something done by next week - either get an iPhone for personal use, or apply one from the office. 

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