August 10, 2010

Mumbai Rewind

Slowly and slowly the realization is dawning on me that I'm leaving Mumbai. That I would be here only for a few more weeks before leaving for Hong Kong. And even though I know that I would be coming back, I don't know for sure when it would be. 

Mumbai is very different that any other city I have been to all my life. It has a pace, and it keeps moving. The very thing that makes the life tough here, and to some extent unbearable, are the things that separate it from the other cities. No other city moves so fast, and no where else the local trains run at an interval of 3-4 minutes. No where else the rainy season lasts for 3 months, while pouring continuously. 

I would be vacating my house as well, and will need to sell off the furniture. All of it has to be done over the next 3-4 weeks. I remember when I came to this city a few years back - clueless and naive. This city has changed me a lot, and it has witnessed all the positive changes in me over the past few years. From a shy and reserved guy, I have become much more confident. I had my first home here, and also my first car. 

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