October 24, 2010

The Big Bang Theory

Just when I was starting to get bored with re-watching the episodes of FRIENDS once again, I discovered another sit-com which is in the same league (if not better). Its slightly different from FRIENDS in terms of its target segment, so it would be unfair to compare the two. Nevertheless, its really awesome, and a must watch. Moreover, unlike FRIENDS, this one is contemporary, and the Season 4 is currently underway (this could be a sad news as well, as you can watch only so many episodes at one go). 

The show is set in California, and is about a group of geeks (all physicists) and a hot blonde who lives across the hall. All of the geeks though differ in their levels of idiosyncrasies. 

Sheldon Cooper is the character who is supposed to be the lead character - he has the highest IQ, is arrogant, lacks the understanding of basic emotions, and has an OCD. Leonard Hofstadtar shares the apartment with Sheldon, and is slightly low on geekiness (compared with Sheldon). He also has a crush on the girl living across the hall (Penny). Kunal and Howard  are friends to the two main characters, and frequent their place for dinner. Howard is Jewish, whereas Kunal is from India. Penny (the girl) works in a cheese cake factory, and is an aspiring actress. 

The show deals with the daily lives of the these 4 geeks and the blonde girl. I am already done with two seasons, and am currently on third (which shall be finished by next week). 

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