December 26, 2009

Close to the Year End

Usually at this time of the year, everyone tend to think of the important events over the past 12 months, and how things have changed. Well, let me also think along similar lines, and see which have been the biggest events for me:

1. Changing Jobs: The biggest surely is the fact that I have shifted my job – and though this has come close to the end of the year, this would shape my next year. If the plan plays out, 2010 would surely be rocking.

2. May Elections: I think the second most important event was the May 2009 up-circuit in the market. It changed a lot of things – just the 9/11 in the US, things would never be same again. And this is not just a random comparison, it did break a lot of things.

3. Trading Losses: I tried to time the market a few times last year, and most of times failed miserably. Hopefully things would change next year, and I would be able to trade the markets better. Losses aren’t my biggest concerns, but I did let go of some of the basic principals of risk management. Hopefully would stick to them next year.

4. Honda City: I would be buying Honda City today, and this certainly would be an important event for me. This would be my first ever car, and I certainly would have a nice time next year driving it. Hopefully would move around a lot of places in Mumbai. Along the same lines, I got my Nikon D90 camera as well – and pretty soon would be posting nice pictures taken using it.

5. HK Trip: I went to HK twice after a long time (relatively, it was just 14-15 months in absolute terms), and really had a nice time on both the trips. Planning to see some European countries in 2010, and hopefully there would be some business trip coming along :P

As for my expectations from the next year, this list is quite simple (only professional, and public-life related):

1. Do good in work, and be a better trader – want to become a better trader, and be able to trade the direction of the markets as well. Have been trading volatility for some time now, and I think I should take some sizeable bets on the direction side as well.

2. Keep Healthy, and lose some weight - Would try to lose 1 Kg weight every month, and hopefully should be 65 Kg by the end of 2010. Have been attending a lot of parties in the recent times, and that has really added to the weight problem. Would avoid fried foods, and cheesy items.

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