April 28, 2011

The Week In Words # April End

This is my last week of the four month break, and I guess I need to finish my last set of movies this weekend. The thing about movie series is, you need a lot of time to watch them all in one go - else you don't get the plot. Like the X-Men series, or the Batman series. You could always watch them one by one, spread in time and space, but the best way is to watch them in a single session (by session I mean a weekend, or at best, two weekends). 

My life revolves around very few things - cricket, movies, stock markets, and a little bit of politics (the dirty Indian one, to be specific). Like many of my generation, I too believe in cribbing over the state of our state over facebook and twitter, and even put on badges to support the causes. I even supported Anna Hazaare on his fast, and didn't remove the badge till the government budged from its position, and granted the wishes. I also criticize DMK over the corruption charges against virtually all its members. For all the criticisms against it, I still feel I should have been based out of Tamil Nadu. Before every election, I would have got a color TV, or something of similar or higher value. Thats more than what people in Bihar will get from its government over a 100 year period (and assuming the corruption level is same, if not more). 

We are having an over dose of cricket right now - its like the Golmaal movies. First one was good, second one ok, third was bad, and there is no need for the fourth. And yet, its the goose giving the golden egg, and now the only viable source for Pawar to keep adding to his swiss bank balance. The only way to keep track of IPL is now the match numbers, as no one remembers who is playing whom, or which player plays for which side. Thanks to the colored jerseys, at least I can give a shot to trying to remember the team name of players. Kochi has got it right, and once you see its player in Orange and Purple, you are unlikely to get the haunted image of the player off your mind for a long time to come. So, I may confuse whether Dravid plays for Deccan or Royals, but I can never forget that Sreesanth is with Kochi - not in this lifetime. 

Last week had its share of bad bollywood movies (not exactly last week releases, but I saw them last week). F.A.L.T.U lived up to its name, and 'Thank You' was perhaps the producer saying to the audience for enduring the movie. Its amazing how likes of Sonam Kapoor (and this is a long list, including Imran Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, etc) keeps getting movie, and yet show no improvement in their acting levels. Even Katrina Kaif show more emotions which she lip-syncs her hindi dialogues without having a clue about their meanings. Sonam Kapoor has giggled her way through 5-6 movies now, and I really think she will end up making a career spanning 50+ movies, giggling through all of them, all the while carrying her Prada and Louis Vuitton bags. Next time I see a movie made by Anees Bazmee, or featuring Akshay Kumar or Sonam Kapoor, I will stay away from it. Unless I have plenty of time to kill, and don't have to spend a single cent of it. 

Markets globally are in bubble zone, and I have lost all my credibility at home (among the relatives). I had asked them to get out of markets way back in 2007, and had developed a great fan base by the end of 2008. However, I had even suggested them against investing in Gold (when it was 12k), and Silver - citing that all of these were bubbles, and very soon we would see the prices crashing. After two years, Gold and Silver are going great guns (I still think silently in my heart that these are big big bubbles, and about to burst soon), and I have lost all my credibility. I was even negative on the Mumbai Real Estate, and I don't even need to write what happened there. So, as things stand, the world is rosy, and blind monkeys' darts are hitting the jackpots every time. Anyone who investment their money anywhere has made good returns, and this doesn't seems right (well, too good to be right). Anyways, I would have to live with 'Gold and Property never go down in value' for another year of my life. 

And next year is 2012 - so it doesn't even matter beyond that. 


Chandana said...

yes i know.. same case with books too for me.. i cant stop myself until read all the books in the series! Am addicted, cant help it.

and you are right about sonam kapoor! I cant remeber the last time i watched a really good hindi movie.

Calvin said...

I'm scared with book series - very difficult to complete. In fact, there are so many unfinished single books which I started but left in the middle.

X-Men for this week :)

nightflier said...
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nightflier said...

I like sonam kapoor..I think she has got style and some brains too (she s publicly an avid reader)! :D

But anyways, those finance terms in the post were a bouncer :P I need another me in some parallel universe who understands all this! :(

Calvin said...

Hmmm, then lets not get there. I have zero respect for Sonam Kapoor as an actress.

Haha, they were of the much simpler ilk, without any derivatives or other gyaan stuffed in...