June 18, 2011

Busy June

Its been a hectic last few weeks for me - mostly its the new job. New job brings you new challenges, and you have to start things all over again. In my profession, I have to rebuild all my excel sheets, and data store from scratch, and it takes a long long time. Now after a few weeks, things have come close to stabilizing. 

Wife has finally moved to Hong Kong permanently, and she is still adjusting to the place. Its not a very inconvenient place to live in (in fact, just the opposite), but the very fact its very different than Mumbai will need some time for adjustment. The biggest issue here would be the language, and the food. Though she would have much lesser food issues than I had (being a vegetarian is not the best of things in Hong Kong). She has all the time in the world to herself now, and I just hope it doesn't get boring here. I haven't seen a bollywood movie in a long time now, and will try to watch something this weekend. 

There has been a dearth of weekend-activities recently, and hopefully we would be visiting plenty of places in the months to come. New Zealand and/or China is on the cards, and depending on the leave we can manage, will have a vacation soon. On a different topic, Sale season has just started here, and my credit card bill is about to explode soon. 

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