March 3, 2012

Priorities Of Life

Thanks to Facebook, now we all know the places people visit on their holidays. And sadly, it seems most people make their choices based on where others have been. I know of so many people who went to Maldives/Mauritius for their Honeymoon (myself included),or went to Bali on their long weekend trip.

There is nothing wrong with any of these places, and most of them are great holiday destinations. But what surprises me is the amount of time people spend on planning their trips. Most of them seems to book their tickets at the last minute without doing any research on their own. With information so easily available, I would have assumed people exploring new places and locales. And given most people take just one or two vacations a year, they ought to spend a little more time on the planning.

I too plan to make at least one good trip this year, for about four to five days. Lets see what place we finally decide on, but I would want to be a lesser known place. So that there is something new to be explored. Or even if its run of the mill destinations like Bangkok, would prefer planning it in a better way than most people seem to be doing.

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