November 26, 2012

Facebook Babies

How many of us haven't counted the number of likes after posting an album of a recent trips? In today's world, thats the benchmark for how good the trip was, or how good a photographer one is. And we do get depressed (at least I do) if after a couple of hours there is not a single like or comment on the pictures. 

In this mad world of liking, and counting, why do people put photographs of their babies? I mean, its akin to subjecting them to a new kind of competition. Imagine if you can re-live the moments you were born (that would be ages ago), and can actually see who all held you in their hands, and planted a kiss on your cheeks. Imagine being able to find out which of your uncles and aunts wished you what the moment you were born, and the specific gifts they brought with them. The new generation of babies would be able to find this out in a few years when they go through the facebook profile of their parents, and their first pictures. They would be able to see how many people 'liked' it, and who all found it 'cute'. 

The whole scenario scares me a little, and we may be subjecting the little ones to some undue competition (for likes and clicks). 

P.S. - This post has nothing to do with my general dislike for people posting the pictures of their kids on facebook. I mean, all kids are cute, and lovely, but whats it with putting the pictures of a new born? Let him breathe first. 

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