January 4, 2013

New Hopes?

Much of past few in India have been spent pondering over the sad state of affairs in the country. Be it the safety of its citizens, or the apathy of our political class. The whole country is in a state of shock, and despair.

However, as they say, the public institutions are just a mirror of the actual society. Do we really believe that these politicians are any different than an average citizen? What we need to change is the whole society, not just our leaders. The moment the society starts respecting its women, or for that matter look down upon corrupt practices, the sooner we would become a better nation. We still have a well functioning and vibrant democracy where every willing adult votes to elect their leaders. No point crying over the outcome here.

Anyways, the post wasn't intended to be on our state of affairs, but on how I see hope for us. There have been large number of protests and opposition against virtually everything, there is niw at least a discussion happening on our social ills. For a long time, our culture is superiormost was the common excuse, but now people have started questioning it. How good is a culture where half of the society is not treated as equal.

There is hope because we can protest against these, and because we can send in our suggestions for proposed changes in law. There is hope because governmnt is considering naming a law after a victim and not after some of their leaders.

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