August 10, 2013

Break Ke Baad

Its been long since I last visited this blog. May be finally the chorus of daily life has caught up with me, and I have lost the time for myself. Or may be, its just one of those breaks, and I would get back to being regular here once again. I couldn't say. 

Though, not much has happened over the past few months which was worth writing about. Except our trip to Italy and France early this year. And even though I haven't seen too many countries to make a judgement, it would be really tough to beat Italy. If there is one country in Europe that you wish to see, then it must be Italy (or Spain, as some people say, I wouldn't about this). 

Everything about Italy was awesome, the places, the history, the monuments, the food, and the gelato. We went mainly to three cities - starting with Rome, then to Florence, and finally to Venice. You would have seen Venice in numerous movies and songs, and believe me, its really as much beautiful and much more. Its a completely different experience, the whole city is just canals and gondolas. I would certainly wish to plan for another trip back to Italy after a few years (when I have seen a few more places to decide if its really the best destination). 

We went to Paris as well, and it was a nice experience. For a city as big and diverse as Paris, it really well maintained, and connected. I was amazed by the efficiency of the place (and having lived in HK, thats saying something). The Eiffel is wonderful, has been snapped to death by the tourists, but nothing beats the excitement of going to the top of the tower. Which reminds me of another famous tower we visited, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And we did get those stupid of trying to straighten/hold the tower. Pisa has this effect on you, makes you wonder what would have happened had the tower not been defective. Some times, imperfection makes for better viewing and story than the all-perfect stuff. Similar to Sir Don Bradman's batting average. 

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