October 4, 2013

Blogger's Relevance

Many a times I think of great things to write about, and many a times I'm just plain clueless. There are ideas, thoughts which come at all times, and when I open the blogger app to write them, I'm usually blank. I would have called it a writer's block, but I haven't written anything in ages to call myself that. Its much worse than that, it just shows how mundane and boring life has become lately. 

May be its the things which have changed. Now there's twitter and facebook where you can read and write about lives. So, there is very little left unsaid which can be written here. However, given the purist that I consider myself to be, I wouldn't just kill this for that 140-character twitter, or the crowded-like-mumbai-local facebook. There are things which aren't sensational or spread hatred, things which aren't written to collect likes or followers. My mind is blank for now, but am sure it would have plenty to talk at some later point in time. For the time being, we need to house-hunt (that dreaded time), and have to plan a small trip to Beijing. We are going on a 3-day trip to Beijing, and hopefully it would be sufficient time to see all the major attractions. Some time next year, hope to visit Shanghai as well. 

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