September 5, 2007

Bombay Dreams

My company sent me on a week's trip to Mumbai. This was my first visit to the city, and it was an amazing experience. I met with a lot of bankers and brokers during the trip, and had lunches/dinner with them. Suddenly realized that life was changing for me pretty fast, and I have actually joined a job. I realized where I belong, and what world I shall be living in. Back in HK, life had been different with us rotating across different desks. Workload is there, but the feeling of MY JOB was missing. In India, I felt like it was my job, and these would be the people I would be staying with for a long time.

Met some of the big names in the market, and heard of their stories. Everyone working in the market has lots of stories to be told. Saw some of the most amazing trading floors, and saw the adrenaline rush at market opening. It was simply awesome.

Had some beautiful memories from the trip as well. Went around quite a few places in Mumbai, ate almost everything I could within a week, and had the time of my life.

~ random shopping is fun :)

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Linhy said...

I can't wait to be in Bombay!!! I like bombay better then Mumbai