September 15, 2007

Manila, Accounting and Black Swan

Manila is a different experience for me. Its more like an international school, where you have people from different countries and different cultures. Its quite fun talking to them and understanding their views.

I will be here for another 5 weeks, and will be covering 5 more subjects. Week 2 was quite boring as far as studies are concerned, and we had to deal to numerous balance sheets and income statements. It was quite frustrating we well, doing same analysis again and again, and giving the same comments at the end of it.

I have started reading novels again. Finished with 'The curious incident of the dog in the night-time'. It was a different kind of novel, very similar to 'The Little Prince'. Very simple and very sweet, making fun of human beings and their irrationalities in a subtle manner. Am now reading the 'Black Swan', and its absolutely awesome. Not exactly an easy reading book, but very different and simply mind-blowing. Going by the start, it might change the way I think, much like what the course of 'Game Theory' did. Its not another book, but another way of thinking, and a different take on the world.

Hopefully would be finishing it by next weekend.

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