October 6, 2007

Last two weeks

We have almost reached the end of the training program in Manila. It was quite a good experience, much better than what I had expected. I came here with no expectations, and had even wanted to go back during the first couple of weeks. Life had slowed down, and I felt that I was wasting my time here. Then slowly and slowly I started enjoying the free time we had here. I found a lot of time to do things I wanted to do.

I read a couple of books - after a long long time I read novels. Then, did see quite a few movies late in the night, and slept all day in the classes. There are another 15 odd days here in Manila. Need to do some shopping before leaving the place. Till now, haven't purchased anything here. Will go shopping on Sunday. Also, will be watching Harry Potter and LOTR this weekend. Have been delaying the same for too long now, and should see it before leaving Manila.

Exam tomorrow, and haven't read a word, as usual :)

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