November 29, 2007

Life after Manila

'Those were the days', people always refer to the past as if it was the best thing to have happened to them. When compared with the present, past always appears brighter and so much more cheerful. May be, its the human brain, we don't remember the bad moments, the worries, but only the wonderful times we had spent. May be, its because we store those moments in form of photographs, and allow the 'theta' to take care of the unhappy moments. And a couple of months down the line, we just remember the awesome times we had.

Manila was one such experience of my life - started with zero (in fact negative) expectations, and turned out to be truly wonderful one. In the beginning, it was 7 long weeks, but as time passed by, it turned out to be only 7 weeks. Manila would always remain in memory for so many reasons - the classrooms, the lunch and the dinner together, the presentations, class participation, my insincerity in the class (people there must have believed that I was the most insincere guy around), and all the good friends.

Made some really friends there, and hopefully, we would remain that for time to come. Life after Manila would be different, I would be going to Mumbai next, which promises to be fun.

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