December 9, 2007

Six months

Its been a long time since I had written on anything except my job-related activities. My life revolves around my job. And there are very few things outside finance that I have a genuine interest in. I have had a couple of hobbies in the past - playing cricket, watching movies, writing poems and stories, TT and a few others. But lately, I have been thinking and living only my job life. It may be more due to the fact that I have been traveling so much that I haven't had the time to settle at a place, and plan my activities. Everything has been relegated to the future tense.

I have a lot of plans for the immediate future. After I set up my home as well as office in Mumbai, I would then start with a few things I had long planned -

1. Making an album of things I have been doing, and places I have visited
2. Reading 'Atlas Shrugged'
3. Reading 'Traders: Guns and Money'
4. Watching LOTR and Harry Potter series, as well as reading the books
5. Reading the autobiographies - Richard Branson, and a couple more
6. Learning Standard Mandarin
7. Learning and Playing Tennis
8. Try my hands at Guitar
9. Visit Goa, Kerela, and Darjeeling
10. Watch the Olympics at Beijing
11. Play AOE, and other computer games

These are a long list of things to be done, and would take me around an year's time. But hopefully would be able to do them.

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