July 5, 2008

Life Otherwise

Life apart from the job has been quite good recently. Have been watching almost every new bollywood release, and have been reading a lot of good books as well. Apart from the weather and traveling, have got quite comfortable living in Mumbai.

Recently finished the book 'Life of Pi'. The book starts off with a family in Pondichery who looks after a zoo. Then they decide to move to Canada, and boards a ship. The ship sinks in the pacific ocean, and a small boy named 'Pi Patel' is the sole survivor. The book is about this boys journey in his lifeboat through the vast Pacific Ocean. The book is very similar to 'The Old Man and the Sea', only much more detailed.

Overall, a good read, though I should warn that the story is very slow, and hence may not interest the fans of Jeffery Archers of the world.

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