July 21, 2008

A Thousand Splendid Suns

So little does the world knows about Afghanistan, and our view is solely based words/pictures from a few sources. Most of the times we forget that there are ordinary people like us living there, who are now suffering more after US help then they were before. And yet, no one is raising a finger. 

'A Thousand Splendid Suns' is a story about a little girl, who was an illegitimate child of a rich man. However, his father never accepted her, and instead, sold her to an Old man in Kabul to send her away. It talks about all the tortures she goes through while trying to be a wife to an old drunkard. It a beautiful story about the real sufferings in the country, and why the world should have been united against its rulers. There must a lot of similar books from the region, and I would love to read a few of them. 


AshR said...

This was one book that had me crying buckets at the end. The Kite Runner was equally good, though not as heart-wrenching.

Calvin said...

Yes, it was really touching and shocking at the same time - and I really liked the way it was written. Haven't read Kite Runner till now though, not reading too many books these days.