November 30, 2008

December 2008

Nothing seems to be happening right in the whole world. We were still struggling with the worst of crisis in the economy, and then the job cuts started. All the major banks across the world announced plans to lay-off a high proportion of their workforce. And now, to top it all, we had the Mumbai Terrorist attacks. I'm not sure if things could get any worse from here.

Hopefully the end of the year would bring an end to all this. May be, it was just a bad year for the whole world, and 2009 would bring fresh hope. Barrack Obama would take over as the new President of US, and we would have a new Prime Minister in India as well.

Going back in time, I remember how things were different when we started this year. That was the peak of the bull run in India, and everyone was convinced that we were the next big thing in the global arena. People talked of 40k and 50k Sensex  by the end of the year. There was only one report which predicted a downturn, but that too predicted a value of 19,500 by the year-end. Looking back, all that seems a different era all together. There wasn't a worry in the world, and everyone was minting money. Now, things have come crashing down (apart from Mumbai real estate prices). Hoping that the next year won't be another mad year.

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