December 25, 2010

Christmas Carols

This is my second Christmas in Hong Kong (first was in 2007 when I had just joined the job, and was in HK for a brief stint), and the place just feels awesome during the time. May be, its the same with all places with US and EU citizens, or may be its different here. Anyways, its an SAR of China, and to see people celebrating Christmas vacations is really pleasing. 

I have started liking the idea of year end holiday season, running all the way from 25th to the New Year. This is really an ideal way to unwind oneself after working hard for the whole year. Its like the weekend that comes at the end of every week - and seems like a perfect way to start the next year. I would be visiting Times Square today, and going by what I have heard, that place would be exploding with people. 

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