January 1, 2011

First Post: 2011

The New Year is here, and hopefully it brings joy and happiness to everyone. 2010 was a milestone year for me, and a lot of things happened - I got my first car (Honda City), bought my first DSLR (D90), moved to HK, got Married, and got an iPhone and MacBook.  

As expected, 2010 was a busy year and all things would settle down slowly. All the big changes are a step towards stability, and I guess 2011 would be a relatively quieter year in terms of events planned. Also, this year I won't have punitive resolutions, but only wishful ones:

Firstly, I would be reducing the time spend on Facebook. Its a place where you can interact with everyone whom you don't want to meet in real life. For real friends, try to meet them or at least call them. So, this year, I would call my friends on their birthdays/marriages to wish them, instead of sending a message on Facebook. 

Secondly, I need to hit the gym - the food in HK is bland from Indian standards, and hence I end up eating a lot of snacks. I need to start walking 30 minutes a day, or better still hit the gym 2-3 times a week. Lets see how this one pans out. 

Thirdly, I plan to visit at least one completely new country this year - by completely new country I mean one which is not very similar to ones I have already visited - like some Asian countries are similar, and so are some European ones. I guess I might go to New Zealand or Japan this year (or may be both :P).

And finally, I plan to learn a new language this year. I enrolled for French classes in my MBA program, but never took it seriously. In fact, didn't even attend more than a couple of classes. I'm yet to decide on the language, but it would be either French or Mandarin - it might also depend on availability option. 

Thats all for this years wishes. And of course I plan to watch innumerable number of movies and TV serials. 

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