January 15, 2011

Decade That Just Passed By

I just realized that this new year has brought in a new decade as well. And thinking back, a lot has changed over the past 10 years around the world. 

Back in 2000, Google was the cool thing, and ardent followers used to wait for April 1 to be fooled (this was the day when Gmail was launched). I regularly checked the official Google blog for new products coming out of their stable, and they kept the world guessing. First with the email, and then the Gtalk messenger. Google has almost killed Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger - and the buzzing sound of a messenger window that used to come from almost every room on the hostel floor. So, chats became silent, and you could never tell what the guy in the other room was doing. 

After a decade, Google has lost its 'cool' tag, and its no longer the 'IT' company. Page and Brin are no longer the new wonder boys from silicon valley, and don't feature on the Times Magazine cover anymore. They are now busy defending their empires, and look much more similar to Microsoft than they have ever looked in their life time. 

Now we have two companies which are the apple of everyone's eye - Apple and Facebook. One is an old hand, the Phoenix in the technology world (which is a rarity), and other is a new born baby (which is a norm) in the industry. 

Everyone waits for Apple's annual events, and people line up for new i-xxx (which ever product they launch). There is a whole industry dedicated to guessing what its next product would be, and how they can gain from it. Facebook on the other hand is the baby which is loved by all, and everyone wants a piece of it. Half of the world is waiting for the email invite from Facebook, and check if its really the game changer people fear it to be. However, this is 2011, and things may very change in 2021 or even 2015. Five years is a long time in this industry, and there are also new whiz kids waiting for steal the thunder. 

P.S. - I own an iPhone, and in spite of all its restrictions, find it as a great phone. Ultra Sleek, and miles ahead in beauty from all other phones in the market, this is a no-brainer. At least for now!

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