February 9, 2011

Apple's India Connection

As much as I like Apple's products, I really hate it as a company. While this may seem like a dichotomy, it isn't. Its similar to liking a forbidden fruit - its nice, but I can't touch it. 

Apple has the most racist of product introduction calendar - and most of the products are introduced in India (and many other poorer countries) after they have almost run their life cycles in US and Europe. And when there are newer versions to be introduced in those markets - it takes all the older versions off the shelf, and introduces the same in India. Much like iPhone 2 which came to India after 3G was introduced in US (and that too at a price higher than 3G). And now, the same story is being repeated with iPad. Months (if not weeks) away from the introduction of iPad 2 in US and Europe, they start shipping the old version to India. And market it as an event next to Big Bang Theory in importance for the nation. 

Its high time we do not lap up their products this way. That they should be forced to introduce the products at 'around' the same time with other markets, and not dump useless inventory at us. I just wish our government was active enough to control the foreign corporates, just like China does. 

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