March 1, 2011

Movie Fest

I have re-started my movie marathon sessions, and am now watching a couple of movies per day. As I might have mentioned earlier, back in my college days I had planned to watch the complete IMDB Top 250 movies. But like so many dreams from the college days, this one too remained just a thought. This year, I plan to give it another shot, and hopefully will be watching a lot more from it. 

Saw quite a few movies recently, and here are my mini-reviews:

Gangajal - Had heard a lot about the national award winning movie, and the performance by Ajay Devgan. And I wasn't disappointed either. I'm not a great fan of Ajay Devgan (specially in a comedy movie), but this was one of the movie where perhaps no one could have played the role better - just like Company, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, etc. Certainly worth a watch. 

Patiala House - I had expected this to be trash, just like the other AK movies in recent times. And I was happy to be proved wrong. This was a Yash Raj/K Jo formula movie, and after zillions of years AK did a sensible film. However, it fared badly as I guess he fell pray to 'Bhediya Aaya' syndrome - and no one expected a nice movie from him. 

7 Khoon Maaf - If its Vishal Bhardwaj, anything is Maaf. Not many people have 'really' liked it (5-star level), and its not a classic in the same league as his earlier works. However, its still a very nicely made movie, and Priyanka is certainly one of the best actress today (not that she has much competition with industry filled with Sonam Kapoors, who can't even act to save her life). 

Black Swan - Not a typical movie, in fact may not even qualify as being a movie. It could very well be a personal diary of Nina (the lead character). Natalie Portman is awesome in her role, and portrays the character wonderfully well. Not many people will like the movie, but its powerful, and meaningful cinema. If you are a Cinema lover (and not just 'movie fan'), then you may like it. 


nightflier said...

Interesting picks! I don't prefer hard hitting dramas like Gangajal, but have seen it, cos dint want to miss on good acting and the likes.
Was absolutely delighted with black swan. At one point unknowingly even I wanted Nina to get that dark act out of her really badly! Gripping thriller to say the least.

have not seen 7km and patiala house, so cant really comment :)

Calvin said...

Yes, I have had the DVD for over a year now, and every time I want to watch a movie, I end up picking light movies. But finally decided to finish the backlog of all the hard hitting movies I have, and hopefully would be watching a couple more soon.

Black Swan is nice, and movie was actually made to make the audience root for her. It would have hit a chord with our own inability at doing certain stuff, which other 'lesser' serious people are able to do - either by pure luck, or nature. Though I didn't want her to die at the end, its like you fulfill your dream but do not live enough to live it.

nightflier said...

I would like to believe that she din't die but was mortally wounded. :)
even if that means no ballet for the rest of her life :D

Calvin said...

Hmmm, I can also live that interpretation :P

Neha said...

I think the reason they show the white swan wounded at the end is symbollic. Signifying that Nina was finally able to kill the white swan in her and explore the her darker side (the black swan). The way I interpreted the movie was: Nina trying to explore one more facet of her personality, by overcoming the very strong 'white swan' personality in her. And in the end she is successful!

Calvin said...

@Neha: Yes, makes sense...she finally succeeded in killing/getting rid of the white swan inside her which was limiting her potential...If this was a hindi movie, the ending would have been a hospital where she would be saved by a 'miracle' :)

Dee said...

A fellow Indian blogger from HK...atlast!!!

I was thinking of watching Patiala house recently but thought it might be a let down!Perhaps I'll watch it now!

Calvin said...

@Dee: Where in HK are you based? I can get some restaurant tips from you, and also on places to visit :)

Patiala House is a blockbuster - by Akshay Kumar's standards :P

Dee said...

I am out on Lantau island, so don't really eat out much townside!!!! But if u like indian food there many places in TST-pure veg at Branto's (lock road), Woodlands(wing on plaza), Kohinoor, Surya and Gaylord and others are all also in TSt! I'm sure central has places too but am a bit unsure where exactly! And then of course the infamous chung king on Nathan road has loads of eateries!!!

Calvin said...

@Dee: Yes, have been to most of these places, and even the great CKM. Hopefully in a few months time will be able to add to the list. Central also has loads of them, but they are slightly different than the ones in Kowloon - more western in their taste, and mostly north indian menu. Plus, their clientele is also very uniformly distributed - unlike a Woodlands or Branto's.

Linhy said...

Checkout Tanu Wed Manu! latest hindi movie.