July 24, 2007

The Flying Machine

Time is flying in HK. I had decided to maintain an account of my day to day activities, and I haven't written a word in more than a month. It only 4 more weeks here for me, and am already counting my days here. I would be flying to Manila after my assignments here, and then would finally go to Mumbai.

I'm currently working on a lot of stuff, and am usually very tired by the time I am back at my apartment. We have a meeting tomorrow in the morning to discuss some important issues, and here I'm, at 2 AM in the night writing this post. So many things have happened in last one month that I wouldn't be able to put them into words. I'm growing, am learning a lot of things, both inside and outside the office.Investment Banking is a strange world, full of caricatures. Everyone is idiosyncratic in their own way, and there is a great scarcity of normal people whom you can miss in a crowd. The trading floor is an amazing place to be, it has a pulse of its own. And when you go to the office on a weekend, you feel like you own the place. Its so silent, the contrast is maddening. 

Realized that there are three companies that drive the investment banking industry - (a) Bloomberg, (b) Microsoft (Excel), and most importantly, (c) Starbucks. Someday will write on the trading floor in detail. Have to catch up on sleep now.

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