July 14, 2007

Life @ HK

Life has been good in Hong Kong so far. There were a few days in the middle when I was completely frustrated with the HR and the company. Have learnt not to expect any good or sane things from them.

Now its back to normal. I have been working pretty late hours (I'm on the public side, so even 10 PM is considered late). Have been given some real good work, and usually am brain-dead by the time I leave the office. But am enjoying the brainstorming sessions with my desk. I'm the youngest guy there, and I hardly speak anything there. Most of the times they are discussing the implementation part of the problems, and given my 6-weeks-only experience, I avoid speaking there. Will be a more active participant once the work really kicks off.

Celebrated a friend's birthday last week and most people from our college were present. We had our dinner at the an Egyptian restaurant called 'Habibi'. Last year my boss took me there for the first time, and it was then I realised that their cuisines were very much like the Indian ones. A little difference in preparations, but the materials and tastes are very similar.

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