August 17, 2008

Go Kiss the World

I recently finished reading the book 'Go Kiss the World'. The book is written by Subroto Bagchi, one of the co-founders of MindTree consulting.

Most of the books start with the important part of the story plot. For a biography, the most of important part is one's birth. That decides so many things in one's life. Here, Mr. Bagchi goes even beyond that, and starts with the life of his grand-parents. To some extent, one's destiny is largely influenced by one's family history, and values. And hence, to understand the person, its vital to know the full history.

The book then moves on to his education, and his early work life. He started working at a government office with a clerk's salary, and then went on to join DCM group in Delhi. That part of the book is really fascinating and has great lessons for everyone. Great lives need not start with a bang, and from the word Go. They happen slowly over time, and you learn from unknown sources. Overall, a good book to read in your free time. One of the better books I have read in recent times.


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