August 10, 2008

If GOD Was a Banker

I'm quite interested in Indian writing. When I read the European and American writers describing the beautiful places and scenery, I always wonder about a native writer writing about the beautiful Indian cities. Someone who would make an outsider fascinate about the country.

Alas, most of what I have read of Indian authors, I am quite disappointed. The basic problem seems to be that no one here actually thinks writing as a viable long term career option. Most of the people just intend to publish a couple of books, and feel happy about it. And none of them is a full-time writer, all are busy with their real profession as well. Books are just another feather in the cap, something they work on in their free time. And this explains the quality of the writing.

Well, 'If God Was a banker' is no different. It is just another attempt to write about one's experiences, and hasn't been given much time either. Nothing much to write about the book, its a tale of two bankers (which some people claim is a real life story) and how they grow within their company. Nice storyline, but the writing leaves a lot to be desired.

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